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Cloud Robotics is Making Everyday Robots a Reality

As we were talking about robots the other day, one of our coworkers mentioned that when he was seven years old, he developed a brief obsession with the Buck Rogers show from the seventies. He was attracted to the vision of the future, the camp performances and the stories, but most of all it was the robot characters that enthralled him. Twiki in particular captured his imagination. He looked like a robotic child and was given a surprisingly gruff voice by Mel Blanc.

Why Are Enterprise Applications So Much Worse Than SaaS?

Workers have probably accepted that enterprise software is generally not very good. It may have an excellent range of functionality, but that functionality comes packaged in interfaces that forces them into inefficient and unpleasant workflows. From a worker's perspective, enterprise software is a necessary evil.

Continuous Integration and Delivery in the Cloud

Amazon makes changes to its production environment every 11.6 seconds. Facebook's site gets updated at least a couple of times every day. Back in the old days of software development, releases at this rate were unthinkable. Development companies were organized around scheduled releases that happened every few weeks, months or even years. But the older style of development doesn't match the pace of modern life or with modern development workflows anymore, especially for web services and application developers.

The Link Between Cloud Maturity and Business Success

A recent study from IBM indicates that there is a correlation between the success of a business and the maturity of its approach to cloud adoption. The cloud is a transformative technology for modern businesses, and according to the study, over 60% of IT executives report that more than two-thirds of their organization's infrastructure services will be delivered by cloud vendors within three years. But businesses that look at the cloud with a in traditional IT approach may not maximize the potential of cloud infrastructure deployments.

An iPad and a Cloud Server Makes for a Dream Portable Web Development Environment

Not long ago, the idea that you could do any serious work on an iPad was pure crazy talk. iPads have always been capable of running applications for editing text and connecting to remote servers. But the operating system itself was so limited in inter-app communication, power-user features, external keyboard support and navigation, that it'd be too frustrating to do development work.

Outscale News: Dassault Systémes Acquires Majority Stake

Today is a big day for our company. We’re pleased to announce that Dassault Systèmes has acquired a majority stake in Outscale. Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Vélizy-Villacoublay, in the Île-de-France region, Dassault was one of the initial investors in Outscale, and already runs its platform on our Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Cognitive Techs are Changing the Future of the Business World

When we think about artificial intelligence (AI), what usually comes to mind is the human-like robots we see in science fiction. In reality, we're nowhere close to achieving the strong AI necessary to create that kind of intelligence. But artificial intelligence research is still affecting how we live and work. Modern AI research focuses on limited domains such as: pattern recognition, visual processing and machine translation.

Why is the Cloud more Secure than your Data Center?

Information security is — or should be — a primary concern of enterprise IT managers and CIOs. Online businesses rely on the trust of their users.  Once the trust is breached, and if a business shows itself incapable of protecting private data, it will be hard to reestablish a reputation as an organization that cares about security and privacy.

Outscale Heads to the Big Apple for Cloud Expo 2017!

Good morning, New York City! The Outscale team is ready to connect at this week’s Cloud Expo. We’re all here in vibrant New York City and looking forward to three action-packed days at the conference. Dialogue, demos and drinks are on the agenda, along with informative keynotes and breakouts on the following top-of-mind Cloud topics:

How to Use Big Data Insights to Maximize Value and Achieve Business Goals

Over the last few years there has been a relentless focus on big data as a technology problem. Resources have been invested in solving the technological problems posed by data collection, storage and analysis. That's all well and good, but there's still a lot of work left to do and most of the important questions still remain unanswered.